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About this Student Worship Conference:

To be quite honest, this conference is probably similar to other worship conferences, however, this is geared specifically to students– to truly build them and see a bigger picture of what it means to lead people to the throne of GOD. Even more, this Student Worship Conference is intended to help equip students with the basics of what worship is and what it means to be a musician and/or a vocalist in ministry. Many adults volunteers, youth pastors, worship leaders or pastors assume students are to already know what they need to know when it comes to leading worship through music. WRONG!!! No student knows what they are doing. For the most part, most adults do not even know what they are doing. We need to teach all students to become worship pastors and not just worship leaders, because anyone can lead worship (we will explain that more at the conference).

If you are a vocalist or an instrumentalist, we want to invite you to come to this conference. Now I know that creative arts can entail a huge variety of creative aspects, but this is specifically for students who lead worship through song vocally and instrumentally (more specifically: acoustic, electric, bass, keys, drums, and strings).

If you are looking to be in a popular Christian band and expect to experience the most creative 2 days of your life in this Student Worship Conference, this is not it. The goal of this conference is to develop what it truly means to be a Worship Pastor/Leader whether you are vocalist or instrumentalist.

This website is going to be updated weekly with new and changing information so be sure to be checking back in even after you register.

**IMPORTANT: COS students, do NOT register online. You will be registering through Taffy and Emily!!