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Student Worship Pastor at Saddleback Church for the last 15 years



Alva Copeland is a worship leader at Saddleback Church and also serves as the vocal director of the Saddleback Praise Ensemble and the Saddleback Church Gospel Choir. She is a singer, songwriter, speaker, and mentor, to other worship leaders. Her biggest joy is watching others reach their full potential and successfully live out their life’s purpose. Her song,recorded on the Purpose Driven Life CD, Reach One More For Jesus, was inspired by the testimony of her Pastor Rick Warren, after the passing of his father Jimmy Warren. Alva has traveled extensively with Pastor Rick Warren, singing this song as a testament of Jimmy Warren’s passion for the great commission…to REACH ONE MORE.



Rebekah is a singer and vocal instructor. She has been part of the Saddleback Church vocal community for the past nine years, a vocal instructor at the Saddleback Academy of Music for the past 8 years, and she is the Director of the Saddleback Church Kids Choir. Rebekah began her vocal studies at the age of 12 and furthered her knowledge at Briercrest Bible College, Canada, where she completed her B.A. in Music with a Major in Vocal Studies. She is known for using diaphragmatic costal breathing and vocal placement techniques to teach her students how to sing multiple genres with an authentic, contemporary style.


Jyro La Villa HD

Jyro is a music producer who has produced over 20 Artist Albums. He is a songwriter and publisher. He has been apart of music production and sound design for Indie Hip Hop, EDM Artists, Music Library Companies & Music Producers. He has created backing tracks and intros for touring musicians Switchfoot, Phil Wickham, and Brooke Fraser. He has been a Domestic and International Touring Musician (Bass, Keys, Guitar, Music Director) for over 20 years, touring with Switchfoot, Brooke Fraser, Phil Wickham, Hoku, Disney (High School Musical TV Show), Shane & Shane, Starflyer 59, Mortal, Fold Zandura, Crystal Lewis, and Kim Hill. He is currently on staff at Saddleback Church on the Worship Arts Team.



Steward: one appointed to manage or look after. We are stewards of the future – discovering, developing and stewarding creative talent, marketing brands, and distributing high quality content for a global audience. We are stewards of time, stories and people. We are building a sustainable platform for artisans of all kinds – musicians, actors, directors, writers, creative and visual artists – through collaboration, creative content and brand partnership. We journey alongside these artisans to tell stories that will impact future generations. We are headquartered at the SEED Center in the Downtown LA Arts District – a full-service venue equipped with recording studio, rehearsal and performance stage, collaboration and production space, film and photo shoot facilities, lounge area, kitchen facilities, and administrative office space. The SEED Center was designed as a collaborative space in which artisans can work together to build their craft.




Keeley is a professional singer, song-writer, and worship leader at Saddleback Church.  Her journey in music and worship began here at Saddleback in the Student Worship Ministry!  Keeley studied Music Business and Jazz Voice at Azusa Pacific University, and began writing music during that time as well.  She has release two albums, “What if the Stars Fell” and “Let a Little Light Out.”





Chance is a dope from Orange County, CA that loves Jesus, people, and music. He’s a touring musician that has sung, played guitar, bass, and drums with bands such as Sounds of Satellites (guitar/vocals), Red Sweater Lullaby (drums), and Stolen Nations (bass). Chance has served in worship ministries in various churches for 10 years, and has a heart for genuine worship and creativity. Currently, he writes, sings, and plays guitar for the band Sounds of Satellites.



Emily Arnold grew up in the Cluster of Students ministry before it was called Cluster of Students, and has been on staff since July 2013. She graduated from Biola University a couple months before that, and got her Bachelor’s Degree in Photojournalism. She is passionate about youth ministry, getting to know people, and learning to love like Jesus.



McKenna, aka McCountry, has been interning with COS for 7 months and is here for a full year. WOOHOO! She graduated from El Toro High School (go chargers!) and is currently attending Santiago Canyon College (online holla!). She grew up through this ministry starting in 2008 when she was in 7th grade. Now, she is 19 and passionate about students, worship leading and most importantly, Jesus!




Casey Lagos had the privilege of meeting Taffy during his first year of ministry. Being in Cluster of Students (before it was even called that) taught him that his talents were meant for an audience of One. He also learned how important it was to practice, so that he would be confident when leading worship and free to do so without worrying about messing up. Throughout his time in COS, Casey felt a strong calling to let music become his life-long ministry, and began touring around the U.S. and Canada at age 16. Since then, he’s toured in many bands around the world including some of the biggest names in hardcore music (Parkway Drive, Architects, and Stick to Your Guns). Casey is currently in the band, HAWAI, with friends he grew up with in COS. The two most valuable things he learned in COS is to practice, practice, practice, and that his talents are a gift from Jesus and meant for His glory! (Funny fact: Case used to hate playing to a metronome because the metronome was “wrong,” and now he never plays without one.)


Tony Guerrero is an award-winning musician and composer, a Dove Award nominated producer and the co-host of the bi-weekly “Worship Team Training” podcast. Tony spent eleven years on staff as Director of Creative Arts at Saddleback Church, over seeing hundreds of worship arts team members. Tony’s songs are used in churches around the world and have received substantial radio airplay, and he has taught songwriting classes at many conferences around the country, including the National Worship Conference, the Purpose Driven WorshipConference and many more. He is also the composer and co-writer of the popular Christmas musical, “The Journey”. His book “Attracting Quality Musicians” won the”Editor’s Choice Award”from and is used as a textbook in Christian Colleges around the country. He has also contributed dozens of articles to magazines like Worship Leader Magazine, Best Life and more. Aside from his work in the worship world, Tony has also earned an international presence as a jazz artist, with multiple solo chart-topping CDs and worldwide tours. His work can be heard regularly on radio, television and movies and covers multiple music genres. Learn more at



Michael Kopulos strummed his first guitar at the age of 15. It was that single moment, with his father’s Gibson ES-335, that led him to pursue a newfound passion—a passion that would eventually become his profession. In less than one year, Michael was the frontman of a band in his hometown of Modesto, Calif., honing his vocal and guitar skills in front of the eyes and ears of his peers. Shortly after graduating high school, however, he found that the small agricultural town offered very little music-oriented opportunity, so he packed his gigbags and move to Los Angeles.

Michael enrolled and was admitted to Musician’s Institute (M.I.) in Hollywood, which enabled him to play alongside some of the most talented singer-songwriters in LA. Developing his skills with various live performances and untold man-hours in the practice studio, Michael became an expert in creating tasteful leads and rhythmic musical vibes. His influences cover a wide range of genres and artists, a few of which include: Radiohead, U2, Steely Dan, James Taylor, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Coldplay, Oasis, and Dave Matthews.

After graduating from M.I. in 2006, Michael’s focus quickly turned to making his career in the music industry. Michael was chosen as the lead guitarist for Paul Freeman (Arista/J Records), and played several shows in Southern California for a couple of years. He resigned as Freeman’s right-hand man to follow a call that led him on the road with singer/song-writer Tyrone Wells (Universal Republic Records). After spending 5 years on the road with Tyrone and many other great artists, he has decided to follow a call that the Lord put on his heart. In January of 2013 he was invited to join Saddleback Church as their Music Director! Creating a culture of family in the instrumental community while upholding excellence musically and a great worship experience for the Church!

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